Samsung Overtakes Nokia as World’s Leading Mobile Phone Manufacturer

SamsungResearch firm Strategy Analytics has today announced that Samsung has overtaken Nokia as the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones. The news comes as Samsung prepare to unveil their new Galaxy S3 next week, which will no doubt provide the company with a further sales boost.


For almost 15 years, Nokia has lead the way, selling over 410 million mobile phones in 2011 alone, however its sales have been in decline for some time, falling 10% last year. The Galaxy S2 propelled Samsung into the manufacturer major leagues and won over critics worldwide, however it’s thanks to the company’s range of handsets, targeting different age groups and prices, that has secured these high sales volumes. From the entry level Tocco Lite, to the mid-range Galaxy Ace and the ‘is it a tablet, is it a smartphone’ Galaxy Note, the focus on quality and understanding of what the market wants has produced these results. For many, this is in stark contrast to Nokia, who has struggled to produce new phones that compete.


With the forthcoming release of the S3 and iPhone 5, sales of smartphones are forecast to rise by a third to almost 660 million units in 2012 globally and the future of the industry looks strong.


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