Samsung i780 Review

The Samsung i780 is an all-new handset and is a vast improvement on the earlier model the i600. First it is a touch screen and is run on Windows Mobile 6 is a pretty decent place to start, is it just a pretty face though?
The 2.5 inch touch screen the keyboard below handset is set to rival many of the Blackberry handsets including the 8800 and 8120. This latest handsets replaces the fiddly five way navigation system used on earlier models such as the i600 with a track button which allows you to navigate around the phone and select items with the click of a finger.
With a 2 mega pixel camera phone it is not the best camera phone but that is not its aim…it is aimed at business uses looking for a clever, stylish handset. Other great features include the integrated GPS with Garmin’s handy location-based services combined with Google Maps, also enjoy high-speed connectivity, video calling and push email. This phone also has wireless abilities so you can connect wherever you are!
It’s a tri-band GSM phone, with EDGE, GPRS , 3G  and like the i600 is HSDPA compatible and reaches speeds of up to 3.6 Mbits/sec.
With such great features it is perfect for use as a business phone for keeping you in contact in style,get the Samsung i780.

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