Samsung Gear Fit 2 update includes activity detection and SOS

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 has been available for some time now and even though some features may be reserved for the higher end models, Samsung doesn’t forget the more affordable smartwatches in its range. The latest roll out has seen Samsung update the Gear Fit 2 with activity recognition and an SOS feature.

Updates to Samsung Gear Fit 2


new features gear fit 2


The update has enhanced the workout detection function of the Gear Fit 2 as it will now automatically activate the tracking functions when it detects an exercise being performed for more than 10 minutes. The sensors will also automatically track your location so you can see the route your workout has taken.


Samsung Gear Fit 2 new features


The in-workout screen has been improved to allow you to select which stats you want on the main screen when working out such as distance, calories, heart rate and elapsed time.


new sleep graph gear fit 2


The new updates also includes pace targets, so you can set yourself a target for a run and the Gear Fit 2 will prompt you on to hit your desired targets.


The wearable prompts you to get up when you have been inactive for 50 minutes and now it will also take you through some stretches and moves to get your body going.


samsung gear fit 2 new features stretch


The sleep charts from the sleep monitoring function have also been updated to now include “motionless”, “light” and “restless” with the graph being viewed on the watch.


Additional features include the option to download watch faces directly on the device rather than browsing them on your smartphone. The Samsung SOS feature has now also been added to the Gear Fit 2 through the update, this allows you to send an alert with your location by pressing the home button three times.


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