Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone to launch early next year

A foldable smartphone has been in bubbling in the background for a while now and it looks like it might finally becoming a reality. The latest news hints to Samsung releasing a foldable smartphone early next year.


The foldable smartphone design


Many manufacturers have been chasing the elusive folding smartphone for some time. The tricky design has been something that has been difficult to make practical and durable. There have been some attempts at splitting the screen in two with a hinge. Although the true foldable smartphone that everyone is waiting for is the one with a flexible display.



Samsung Galaxy X Foldable smartphone


Samsung has been toying with the folding smartphone for months and has filed a number of patents that hint at the possible design. Last year a patent filed by this top manufacturer showed a handset that had a screen that would fold like the old-style flip phones.



Another patent showed the home screen spreading across two screens when the phone was in the folded position.


The Samsung Galaxy X is the device that is expected to finally gives us what we are looking for in a bendable smartphone. When the phone is flat it will be the size of a small tablet and as compact as a wallet when folded.



The Samsung Galaxy X display will measure 7-inches in the open position and will slide into a pocket when folded.


The Galaxy X will have a display bar on the folded side as well as the 7-inch display for use when open.


The main aim of the device is said to be initially for mobile gamers with a look at targeting a general audience later. The device could be released in a number of versions to appeal to more users.


The rumoured price tag is certainly going to have a niche audience. The Samsung Galaxy X will cost over £ 1100. The gamers may be attracted to the foldable almost 3DS-like screen. The success of the device will depend on what other manufacturers bring out.



Huawei, LG and Apple are all working on a foldable smartphone but they are not expected to get those to us until 2020.


Samsung looks like they could be beating everyone with a launch of the Samsung Galaxy X in early 2019.


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