Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris

Samsung has put iris scanners back in the news by releasing a Galaxy Tab device with a built-in iris scanner.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris is the device that Samsung is using to prove this technology and it may lead the way to an iris scanner being included on future devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Edge and Galaxy Note 6.


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Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris is only available in India and it has been designed for the government, as well as for enterprises in the financial sector.


How Samsung’s iris scanner works


The iris scanner has been built into the reverse side of the tablet so that a government or banking official can point the dual-eye camera at a client for identity authentication.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris then checks that the individual’s iris scan matches that held in the government’s identity database. This holds the biometric data, as well as photographs and fingerprints, of every one of the nations one billion residents.


Dual-eye iris scanner


The identity database doesn’t share any information with the official using the Galaxy Tab Iris. Instead it simply confirms, with a yes or no response, whether the individual’s iris scan matches that held in the database.


The future of iris authentication with Samsung


Samsung has created an Identity SDK for app developers. This indicates that Samsung wants app developers to include iris authentication, where relevant, in future app releases. This could be used for contact-less payment authentication for face-to-face transactions.


If Samsung chooses to include iris authentication in a consumer orientated device then it would need to move the dual-eye camera onto the front of phone, so that it can scan the iris of the person holding the device.


Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris tablet


This would then open up a second biometric check, accompanying a fingerprint scan, to authenticate the user of the device. It is generally considered that because there is no physical contact in an iris scan that the technology is more secure than a fingerprint scan.


This gives iris authentication technology a real reason to exist on consumer smartphones and tablets.


Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris specifications


The Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris isn’t a high-end device (costing under £150) and its specifications are listed below:


Display – 7 inch display (600 x 1024 pixels)
OS – Android Lollipop v5.0
Camera – 5 megapixels
Processor – Quad-core 1.2GHz with 1.5GB RAM
Connectivity – 2G / 3G / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth v4.1
Battery – 3600mAh
Weight – 327 grams
Dimensions – 193 x 116 x 9.7mm


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Written by: Michael Brown

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