Samsung Galaxy SIII Reaches 30 Million Sales Worldwide


Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 continues to dominate the market with sales figures reaching a staggering 30 million units.


The Android phone was released in May and has reached this milestone quickly with approximately 10 million sold in the last two months alone meaning the domination looks to be retaining its momentum.


This is great news for Samsung as they continue to beat all the other manufacturers with such big competitors like Apple unable to knock them off the top spot. Even the release of the iPhone 5 couldn’t bring them down with the S3 retaining top sales spot in the UK against the latest iPhone in both September and October.


The Galaxy Note II has also delivered fantastic sales results reaching 3 million units after just weeks, so is there anyone out there that can compete? The Windows 8 phone race is set to have some great phones coming but the Windows OS has not made the impact it had hoped in the past. Could the latest Nexus phone creep up on them? Who knows?


Whatever phone releases we see over the coming months it seems Samsung can do no wrong with their smartphones and it will be interesting to see where they go with it next.



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