Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini Announced




The Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini has been made official and as expected this isn’t quite an SIII in smaller packaging. Although the name may make you think this phone is simply a smaller SIII it isn’t, as the reduced specifications put this phone in the midrange rather than the top spec sector that its sibling occupies.


So what has Samsung changed? Well quite a lot actually, the screen is smaller at 4-inches and also loses some pixels giving it less clarity than the original S3. The processor has been downgraded to a dual-core chip instead of the quad-core beast within the Samsung Galaxy SIII.


The SIII Mini is still pretty good for a mid-range phone with the processor delivering decent multitasking and Android 4.1 on board out of the box. The camera is a 5-megapixel snapper with face detection, image stabilisation and video recording whilst the front facing camera is VGA.

Other features include an expandable memory, multimedia player, social network integration and 3.5G capabilities as well as Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC. Whilst this phone may not exactly be a mini version of the Galaxy SIII as its name suggests it does share some of the features including TouchWiz apps should as S Voice and Smart Stay. This phone is mainly aimed at those that feel the Samsung Galaxy SIII is too big with its 4.7-inch screen and sits amongst the other 4-inch Droids pretty well spec-wise.


So the Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini is now official do you think it deserves to share the same moniker as the hugely popular and top end original SIII?


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