Samsung Galaxy S8 release pushed forward to combat Note 7 issues

With the recall of the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the manufacturer is facing some tough times when it comes to how they are perceived by mobile users. In an effort to detract attention from this it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S8 release could be pushed forward to combat Note 7 issues and rebuild some bridges.

Samsung Galaxy S8 release


galaxy s7 leaked images


So far we just have rumours and no definite release date for the Galaxy S8 but a leak of the model numbers shows that Samsung is working on two variants of its next flagship.


It looks like two models, the SM-G950 and SM-G955, are in development with one model featuring a flat screen and the other having a curved display.


s7 and s7 edge


The handsets are still in the early development stage and have been spotted on other rumours and leaks with the code names Dream (Galaxy S8) and Dream2 (Galaxy S8 Edge).


Another Note 7 disaster?


note 7 s pen features


Samsung has seen some serious heat over the Note 7 battery explosion issues and while releasing a new handset earlier may seem like a good idea to get people thinking about the next big thing, rushing the development process is surely not a a good thing.


The manufacturer is not usually one for such a big misstep, with their handsets among the most popular sold on the World so let’s hope they handle the Note 7 recall and subsequent releases by putting their best foot forward and not jumping the gun.



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