Samsung Galaxy S8 Image Leak shows change in direction


The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the next flagship heading our way and it is gaining a lot of momentum thanks to various rumours and leaked images.The latest leak regarding this latest Samsung smartphone comes from Android Police with images that seem to show the manufacturer will be taking a new direction on their next phone.

Galaxy S8 On Screen buttons


galaxy s8 details


The images show a device that matches the design of previous Galaxy S8 leaks with a new design that shows full on-screen buttons in place of the usual home keys.


The symbols for the new virtual buttons match up to another recent leak adding more weight to these being of the Samsung Galaxy S8.


Fingerprint Sensor


The new look of the Samsung Galaxy S8 sees a lack of a bezel surrounding the screen which has meant that the fingerprint sensor has now moved to the back of the phone.


This new location of the sensor has also been confirmed in other leaks so a lot of the leaked information appears to be consistent.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Features


The final bit of information we can glean from these latest images is that the phone will be sporting the DeX Dock fr connecting the handset to an external output via HDMI. There isn’t much information out there about the full functionality of this other than a monitor or other device could be connected making the device more of a smartphone/desktop hybrid.



galaxy s8 photos


Samsung Galaxy S8 Release date


The latest Samsung smartphone is not expected to make its debut during MWC 2017 however we are expecting a dedicated Samsung Galaxy S8 launch event some time shortly after so we won’t have to wait too long for all of this to be confirmed.


Are you going to get a Samsung Galaxy S8? What do you want Samsung to add to their next flagship? Share your thoughts below or join the conversation on Google+.


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