Samsung Galaxy S8+ dual-SIM is now on sale in UK

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ has been on sale worldwide for some time however here in the UK we have been missing out on one feature that has been on offer to other territories. The bigger flagship model has now been released as a dual-SIM to UK retailers. For those that have been waiting you will be pleased to see that the Samsung Galaxy S8+ dual-SIM is now on sale in UK.


Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S8+


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The Samsung UK website has now officially confirmed that the dual-SIM model is now available to UK users with the black and grey options now on offer.


So far we only have confirmation that the S8+ has the dual-SIM option with no news on the Samsung Galaxy S8 dual-SIM for UK markets just yet.


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Why use a dual-SIM smartphone?


The option for two Aims in a phone has been around for a while but more and more people are finding this option preferable as a way to manage mobile costs.


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Some users have a work SIM which perhaps doesn’t cover personal use and rather than the hassle of carrying around two phones you simply have a phone that allows you to switch between personal and work SIMs.


Another benefit of a dual-SIM setup gives you the flexibility to add a data SIM or two monthly plans that can give you all the minutes, texts and data allowances you need to save you money overall.


Buy the Samsung Galaxy S8+ dual-SIM


dual-sim galaxy s8+


The dual-SIM option does not actually increase the cost of the smartphone with Samsung listing the phone at £779 which is the same cost for the standard Galaxy S8+.


Do you use a dual-SIM phone? How has it helped you? Would you use a dual-SIM phone if you could get your preferred model with this function? Share your thoughts below or join the conversation on Google+.

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