Samsung Galaxy S8 display declared best ever by experts

The Samsung Galaxy S8 delivered impressive features and specifications all round gaining fans and delighting Samsung devotees. The latest news about the flagship device shows that the Samsung Galaxy S8 display has been declared the best ever by experts.


Best ever smartphone display


s8 best display


The Samsung was judged by DisplayMate on a number of criteria and was compared against competitors such as the iPhone 7, LG G6 and Google Pixel.


The verdict is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has the best display around being awarded the highest rating on offer from DisplayMate.


DisplayMate results


The Samsung Galaxy S8 had to outperform the competition in a number of ways with the large Samsung AMOLED display and Samsung technology delivering top results. The option for changes to the display mode that adjust the brightness and colour gamut according to task without losing colour accuracy made this latest smartphone a class above the rest.



s8 wins best display



The phone display delivers almost 3K resolution with 570 pixels per inch and the aspect ratio , usual smartphone standard at 16:9, is stretched to a taller 18:9.


These improvements give a crisper clearer image during normal use and a wider field of view in virtual reality modes thanks to that taller screen.


The S8 has the largest native colour gamut seen on any device tested by DisplayMate and this combined with an unhindered contrast ratio and being the first device certified by the UHD alliance gave the Samsung Galaxy S8 the edge on all the competitors tested.


Samsung Galaxy S8 success


This latest news from DisplayMate will be a boost to Samsung after a rocky time with battery and device issues, although we do see new devices being launched that take this crown on a regular basis as the technology continues to advance.


s8 angle


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