Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumours


This year has delivered plenty of great smartphones with impressive specifications and the latest technology on board but now we look to the next anticipated releases from the big manufacturers. Here we go through some of the many Samsung Galaxy S7 rumours to see what we might see on the next flagship Galaxy.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date


The usual model for big announcements from Samsung has been featured during the MWC event so we can expect to see the full details released during MWC 2016. That gives us a little while to wait for confirmation on all of the rumours that have been swirling around, so let’s see what has been leaked so far.


S6 Edge chargepad



Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications


The overall design of the Galaxy S7 is not expected to make a drastic leap from its predecessor so we can expect to see a sleek chassis that will feel quality. The chipset is rumoured to be either an Exynos or Snapdragon octacore affair with some whispering of a possible decacore package.


Galaxy S6 edge design


The screen will be either a 5.2-inch QHD or 5.8-inch 4k across the two sized variants and 4GB RAM is expected to be included too. Samsung is expected to add force tech to echo the addition of this force recognition feature on the iPhone 6S and other handsets.


The S7 is expected to be released in different memory variants rather than a model with a microSD card slot so users that want a lot of space will want to go with the 128GB version.


Samsung Galaxy S6 photo example


The rumours about the camera on the Galaxy S7 camera seem to point towards a surprise move from Samsung with them opting for a Sony camera rather than their own tech. It is expected to be the camera lens that has been featured on the Xperia Z5 which has impressed users so if this is the case the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera performance will be impressive.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be packing Android Marshmallow from launch with the option to upgrade to Android N once it has been launched, although the usual roll-out delays will be expected after the new OS launch so it will take time to filter through to the phone.


android m


TouchWiz and the additional Galaxy features will be added to the Android 6.0 OS and we could perhaps see some new features from Samsung to give a unique overall feel to the stock Android OS.


How Much and the pay month cost


As usual we will have to wait for the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 to see if all of the rumours prove to be true so February 2016 will be the time when all will become clear.


We would expect the Samsung Galaxy S7 to become available from £44 per month on contract and somewhere in the region of £560 SIM free.


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Written by: Carmel Brown

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