Samsung Galaxy S7 could launch early


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have been flying off the shelves and now it looks like Samsung could deliver the Galaxy S7 earlier than expected.


Samsung Galaxy S7


The company has been restructuring their manufacturing process which looks to deliver a quicker turnaround between models. This means we could be seeing a new flagship as early as the beginning of 2016, namely the Samsung Galaxy S7. The new process is said to enable the manufacturer to work on multiple components giving a much quicker model turnaround.


Galaxy S6 edge design


This can also give Samsung an advantage when it comes to model features as things can be changed quickly if an added feature doesn’t work out. The overall objective of the new system is to minimise delays in production meaning a much quicker route to market for the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


As the Samsung Galaxy S6 is very much the talking point of smartphone fans at the moment information leaks on the Samsung Galaxy S7 have been few and far between.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge camera


A number of industry insiders are guessing at a much more advance Galaxy S7 camera as well as the possibility of a curved screen configuration.


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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge design

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