Samsung Galaxy S6 release date

The Samsung Galaxy S6 release date has been set as the 10th of April for the UK so now is a great time to take a look at this premium smartphone and see what it has to offer.


Samsung Galaxy S6 design


The Samsung Galaxy S6 design includes all of the traits you would expect from a premium phone and this of course includes a metallic body and glass construction. At 6.8mm thin this mobile phone is cutting edge and there is a new palette of colours to choose from including White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Blue Topaz and Gold Platinum.


The 5.1 inch screen is perfectly sized for those who don’t want a Galaxy Note sized device and the resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels delivers a pixel density of 557 per inch. Protected by toughened Gorilla Glass, the display uses the latest anti-glare technologies to deliver an experience that is visually superb even under sunlight.


5.1 inch HD Super AMOLED display


The Samsung Galaxy S6 has an octa-core processor and new memory based technologies ensure high performance on demanding tasks such as high-definition media playback and graphically intense gaming whilst also reducing the power drain compared to previous models.


There is no memory card slot this time around so you will need to choose between the 32GB, 64GB or 128GB versions but there is always online storage provided by OneDrive to back this up.


Samsung Galaxy S6 camera


The Samsung Galaxy S6 camera package is excellent and the 16 megapixel resolution is paired with features such as Pro Mode, Auto Real-time HDR, IR Detect White Balance and OIS.


Camera features


The quick launch feature (double tap on the home key) launches the camera in under a second giving you plenty of time to select features like Selective Focus when special moments arise. On the front their is a 5 megapixel selfie camera that can also be used to make video calls using services such as Skype.


Samsung Galaxy S6 features


Powered by Android Lollipop v5.0 the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a good selection of Google services built in along with the usual helping of Samsung’s own apps. Google Play and the Samsung App Store can be visited for new app and game downloads.


Fingerprint security makes a showing again but this time around the enhanced touch-type scanner performs well with accurate fingerprint readings. This security feature can be used with Samsung Pay to make card-less payments.


Camera advancements


4G internet connectivity, Bluetooth v4.1, Sound Alive+, an IR Remote control feature and S Health 4.0 are all on board so there is plenty to entertain and use before you even begin to start downloading your favourite apps.


Verdict: The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the most desired smartphone in April when it launches but consumers will have to decide whether to choose this design format or whether to shell out a little more and go for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which as it names suggests uses a screen that curves around the edges of the phone giving three distinct areas for engagement and notifications.

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