Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will be available from the 10th April so we take a look at this latest flagship to see what its all about. Here you can discover a high quality cutting edge smartphone in our Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 review.


Galaxy S6 Edge gold


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge design


The most striking element of the S6 Edge is the much talked about display that curves around the sides of the smartphone. The dual-curved 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display is impressive from any angle and it works well outside and as it is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass you can be assured of a durable long lasting display. The curved edges of the display allow you to check and respond to messages making them highly functional.


Galaxy S6 edge design


The overall look of the phone oozes quality with premium materials and the chassis seamlessly joins to the display giving it a sleek feel.


Galaxy S6 Edge Features


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is packed to the gills with the very best that Samsung has to offer so even the most demanding user won’t be disappointed with this phone. An octacore processor is under the hood making the Android 5.0 OS run impressively and multitasking is a joy on this phone.


S6 edge white


The fingerprint scanner has been enhanced to make the phone even more secure and Samsung KNOX is on board to protect the handset further.


As this is a Galaxy S range handset you get lots of Samsung enhancements thrown in including S Health 4.0 for keeping track of your fitness goals and S Voice for using voice commands to complete various tasks. S Finder is a new feature that allows you to find a file easily from any location and as it is Android device you get plenty of apps such as Gmail, Chrome, Maps and YouTube.


The S6 Edge will work with your Samsung Smart TV allowing you to share content easily by mirroring images and videos onto your TV.


The handset will be available in different memory variants and although there is no microSD card slot you get lots of space on OneDrive should you need extra storage.


Edge fast charging


The battery has a fast charge feature that will deliver up to 2 hours of extra HD video streaming or 4 hours of mixed usage after just 10 minutes of charging time.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is wireless charging enabled with the charging pad available to purchase as an optional extra.


S6 Edge chargepad


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge camera


Samsung has a long history of good camera features on their smartphones as they are able to use their extensive knowledge gained from making high quality digital cameras. The 16-megapixel lens used on the S6 Edge delivers all the great features you would expect from a Samsung digital camera so you can get impressive images with this phone.


S6 camera


Samsung Pro Mode allows you to adjust various settings like a professional photographer however if you are not sure what they all do Auto Mode will handle everything automatically. The 16-megapixel camera includes Optical Image stabilisation, Slow Motion, Fast Motion, Auto Real-Time HDR and High Clear Zoom along with a larger aperture to capture more of the available light.


Camera features S6 Edge


The camera can be launched in just 0.7 seconds with a double tap on the home button so you can capture the action quickly. The front facing camera has a resolution of 5-megapixel so you can enjoy video calls with great clarity and of course capture the perfect selfie.




This latest flagship of Samsung doesn’t fail to disappoint when it comes to high-end features and premium looks and while the edged screen may seem like a fad the functionality actually makes it a great addition.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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