Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumour Round Up




The Samsung Galaxy S4 is due to be revealed this week at a special event in New York and as with any high profile phone release the rumours have been coming in thick and fast.


So far we have seen rumours of a large 4.7-inch touchscreen and Android 4.2 on board as well as Eye Scroll technology that will track a user’s eye position so when they reach the end of the screen it will automatically scroll down.


Now the latest rumours are pointing again to the screen technology but this time it appears that Samsung will be putting a new sort of display on the Galaxy S4 called a “green PHOLED” display. These screens use phosphorescence making it 25% more efficient than traditional OLED displays that use fluorescent light.


This more efficient screen will give a better battery performance to Samsung’s flagship smartphone making it much more energy efficient compared to previous models like the Galaxy SIII.


Another hint on the rumour mill is that the S4 will use “floating touch” so users can hover over the screen to preview emails and messages without actually touching the screen. This rumour could be true as this would be very similar to “Air View” that was featured on the Galaxy Note 2 which used the S Pen to hover over icons in the same way.


As the official reveal date is not far away we don’t have too long to wait until we get the confirmed details from Samsung but in the mean time we can expect lots of speculation about the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Written by: Carmel Brown


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