Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung -a company who has recently been announced as the largest smartphone maker worldwide- were sure to be pleased by the hype that has surrounded the Samsung Galaxy S III, rivalling Apple and their iPhone 5 hype.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 launched last week in London with the phones features and specifications -which up until that point were kept secret- also finally being released. With this launch also came the Samsung Galaxy S3 deals which were made available from Friday 4th May.




The amazing new device is jam packed with a multitude of new and exciting features not previously seen in predecessors. One such feature is the Smart Stay technology which tracks a user’s eye motions, so as long as you are looking at the screen it will not dim or turn off. Direct call is another feature of the new phone which allows you to call contacts simply by holding it to your face once the contact is selected.


S Voice is Samsung’s answer to the main selling point of the iPhone 4S which is of course Siri. Like Siri it is an intelligent piece of software for users to interact with vocally. It is not yet clear which one is better out of the two but it can certainly be said that they aren’t far apart in terms of functionality.


Best Photo allows users to take a burst of 8 shots which makes a continuous scene of the shot you are taking and then it chooses the best one. This means one thing- better quality of photos that don’t miss out on amazing moments.


There are many other features that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has to offer but my personal favourite has to be the Pop up Play feature. This brings the picture in picture idea from television and applies it rather well to a smartphone. It allows you to do multiple things at once such as watching a video and texting at the same time, perfect for multitasking.





Storage – 16/32/64GB depending on the model and expandable MicroSD card.
Screen– 4.8 inch Super Amoled HD
Colour– Pebble Blue or Marble White
Camera-8MP (back) and 1.9MP (front)
Weight– 133g
Size– 136.6mm x 70.6mm x 8.55mm
OS– Android 4.0.4 (Ice cream Sandwich)
Processor– Exynos 4 Quad (1.4GHz)


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