Samsung Galaxy S3 to get Premium Suite Upgrade

Premium Suite UpgradeSamsung has begun rolling out an update for Galaxy S3 owners in the UK, which sees 14 new features added to the handset. Dubbed Premium Suite, this introduces features seen previously on the Galaxy Note 2.


Detailed in two YouTube videos, S3 owners will see new features including updates to the camera and image editing as well as improved multi-tasking.


Low Light Shot is perhaps the update that might make most headlines. Instead of having to use a flash when in dimly-lit conditions, Low Light Shot allows more ambient light into the lens while reducing noise in order to get a cleaner and more detailed photograph.


Another really feature that is likely to be well received is Multi Window, which allows you to use two applications in one window. Simply pull in a side tray to select another app, pull it into the main screen area and your apps will split into two, allowing you to switch easily from using one to the other.


Facebook fans will now be able to see their news feed from their lock screen with a new Facebook Lock Ticker feature, while reader mode will allow you to easily read web pages that haven’t been optimised for reading on mobile phones.


Paper Artist was a feature used heavily in the marketing for the Galaxy Note 2 and this will now be available on the S3. This enables you to edit and play around with your photographs, adding effects, text and colours. has a more detailed article about what’s in the Premium Suite update for Samsung Galaxy S3 owners. Or for the full details of what the Premium Suite upgrade will bring you as a Samsung Galaxy S3 owner, check out the YouTube videos:


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