Samsung Galaxy S3 Sales Soon to Hit 10m

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung has announced that it expects to hit 10 million Samsung Galaxy S III mobile phone sales during July, less than two months since its launch at the end of May. This cements the Korean firm’s position as the leading maker of Android smartphones and the S3 as the most popular alternative to Apple’s iPhone.


At the beginning of June, Samsung revealed that it had sold 28 million Galaxy S II handsets since its launch in April 2011. To have reached a third of these in such a short amount of time illustrates the strength of its marketing and underlines the quality of the smartphone.


Samsung’s JK Shin, head of its telecommunications business, told Reuters on Monday that sales are likely to top 10m. Whether this means units shipped out to retailers, or consumer sales, isn’t clear. What it does demonstrate is that Samsung is likely to remain the world’s biggest manufacturer of mobile phones, ahead of Nokia, for some time to come.


Samsung mobile phone deals

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