Samsung Galaxy S3 – Rumour Roundup


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most awaited phone launches of the year and the rumour mill is going crazy as to when we can expect this little gem from Samsung.


It appeared a mistaken leak from the marketing agency for Samsung gave us all hope that we would be seeing the S3 in the UK in April, this has now been hastily denied by said company and it has been confirmed that the launch date will be first announced on Twitter.


The MWC is the typical event for manufacturers to give us their best and brightest but Samsung let everyone know the S3 would not be debuted at the conference. This is a similar strategy that was used on the S2 with the phone going on sale in early April and perhaps due to the staggering success of this, Samsung will repeat the move with their latest flagship device.


Samsung Galaxy S3 Specifications


As with the expected release date, the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have also been the subject of much discussion and rumour. So what can we expect from the phone?


With everyone releasing quad-core handsets at the MWC it would be safe to assume the S3 will be packing a quad-core processor under the hood. Details of a Samsung Exynos 4412 chip were revealed last year so the S3 could be packing this impressive chip.


With Samsung releasing updates for the Samsung Galaxy S2 to Android Ice Cream Sandwich it is highly likely the S3 will be packing Android 4.0.


The screen size is rumoured at around 4.5-inches and with many of the other manufacturers’ super-phones all sporting larger displays this could be true.


The camera is likely to be 8-megapixel in keeping with other similar handset releases, although there was rumour of a 16-megapixel sensor being produced by Samsung’ manufacturing partners so as usual we will have to wait for the official launch.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is almost as highly anticipated as the iPhone 5, and with devout Android fans refusing to go over to the iOS side this is bound to be the super-phone of choice. Could the Samsung Galaxy S3 top the charts for the best smartphone of 2012? It is a sure contender and we will have to see what else Samsung packs into the phone and how many people choose to purchase it.


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