Samsung Galaxy S3 Premium Suite upgrade to roll out soon


The Samsung Galaxy SIII is fit to bursting with great features and it seems Samsung want to give you even more. Rather than making you wait for the Galaxy SIV the Korean manufacturer will be rolling out updates to the SIII giving users the Premium Suite add-on to the Android Jelly Bean OS.


This latest update has a number of useful apps including contextual tagging of photos that allows you to automatically add location and date information to the image and even the weather for that day if you want. Menus can also be changed to list your most used apps first, so no more scrolling through to find the one you want.



Reader Mode will allow users to change the size of text on websites and Auto Share Shot will allow photo sharing via NFC. The lock screen can also be changed to display Facebook updates so you don’t need to keep unlocking your phone to get the latest gossip and there will be different start up options that can be based on which accessories are hooked up to the phone such as headphones.





The most impressive new feature on the update is the multi-window support so users will be able to have two apps on the screen at the same time giving even more impressive functionality to the phone. Want to browse the web but keep up with Facebook updates at the same time? No problem with this update you can have both on the screen at the same time.




This move for extra functionality on the existing Galaxy S3 handset is bound to be well received as one of the main issues facing smartphone users is their handset quickly being replaced by a new model as new functions are created.


Samsung has stated that the update will be rolled out to each country sooner rather than later but we don’t have a UK confirmed date yet so users will have to be patient.


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