Samsung Galaxy S3 Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy S3 rumours continue to come in thick and fast and even though it will soon be official on 3rd of May we all still love a bit of speculation about this phone. The most recent fuel on the S3 fire comes from Amazon with a pre-order page on their German site.


Now as this is Amazon we can be pretty certain that the specifications revealed on the page will be correct and it appears the phone will be toting a 12-megapixel camera rather than the 8MP one we had all expected. The site also states a 4.7-inc Super AMOLED display which is slightly larger than the anticipated 4.6-inch screen of previous rumours and Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be on board.


The other rumoured specifications concerning a quad-core processor have not been confirmed on the Amazon site and there is still not image so we don’t know what the finished product will look like. There is a price of €599 for a SIM free handset and with the confirmed features this price does seem to fit so now we all we have to do is wait eagerly to get our hands on one.


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