Samsung Galaxy S3 Almost Upon Us

Samsung Galaxy S III Invite

In less than two weeks, the world will be treated to the new Samsung Galaxy S3, with the company announcing its debut in a carefully coordinated event to take place in London on May 3.


Originally slated for launch at the Mobile World Congress in February, the company created one of the more unexpected news stories by pulling out and deciding to hold their own launch event instead. Rumours began to surface that Samsung were experiencing problems with their new flagship handset, which was the primary reason behind the delay. Speculation grew that it would be late summer until the follow up to the phenomenally Samsung Galaxy S2 would get a public airing, however this announcement quashes that.


Noticeably, the name of the new phone hasn’t been added to this invite, raising speculation that Samsung may follow Apple’s lead by removing the number, as they did with the new iPad and are expected to do with the forthcoming iPhone 5.


With the new HTC One X outselling the Samsung Galaxy S2 since its  release in March, the launch of the S3 has raised the pressure to be a success. However at least Samsung will beat Apple to the launch of its new iPhone, which will no doubt continue to be the UK’s best selling smartphone.


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