Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-orders being taken ahead of launch event

The Samsung flagship launch is getting ever closer and has become a hot topic with leaks and rumours abound. Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy S10 release date on their site. This is an unusual move so why have they done it?

Samsung Galaxy S10 release date confirmed

The manufacturer has taken the unusual step of launching a pre-order site before the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10. In a US version of the Samsung website, you can now place your order for the next big Galaxy phone.

On the website it states “we know you know what’s coming”, perhaps Samsung has decided to jump ahead of the rumours and give everyone what they have been waiting for.

The website promises that if you sign up you will get the first access to the phone with delivery by 8th of March. The site also gives users up to $550 off the cost of the phone when trading in their existing phone. This top dollar amount is for very recent models such as an Apple iPhone XS or the previous Galaxy S9. If you are using an older device, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 you will still get a decent $300 off the new Galaxy device.

The slightly vague pre-order site only states that you will be pre-ordering a Galaxy device. Whether that is the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus or the Galaxy S10e is to be seen. We don’t know which phones are going to be ready for the February 20th launch, so we imagine all will become clear at the official launch.

Samsung Galaxy S10 launch event

The official launch event is on February 20th so it’s an unusual thing for a manufacturer to be allowing pre-orders before the acutal event. Perhaps the phone is going to have a hefty price and Samsung hopes anyone getting in on the pre-orders may choose to continue anyway.

For all of the actual details, we will need to wait until the Galaxy S10 event. It’s only a few days away so we don’t have to wait too long.

Are you waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch? Will you be upgrading to a Galaxy S10, S10 Plus or the S10e? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

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