Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus benchmark test revealed

The rumour mill is all abuzz with the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The latest tidbit of information gives us a peek at the power we can expect in the latest flagship device. A Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus benchmark test leaks giving us a look at what the manufacturer has put into their next release.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus benchmark test

A Geekbench benchmark test results have been released, the test states the model number is SM-G975U. While that is not the S10 name we use, this model number has been linked to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in previous rumours so it’s a fair bet this is the device we are waiting for.

Benchmark results show speed tests with a single-core score of 3,413 and multi-core at 10,256. These are high scores when compared to other devices on the market, although the iPhone XS does score better.

Some more details from the test reveal that Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will have 6GB RAM and Android 9 on board.

High scores of Galaxy S10 Plus

An earlier benchmark leak which was thought to be the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite came in lower than these scores. The device is thought to have the same RAM and processor so that could be down to software optimisation. These new scores from Geekbench are what you would expect to see from the next big device from Samsung.

These scores are the best among Android devices on the market so far, although they don’t beat Apple. These tests do tend to fare better for Apple chipsets when compared to Qualcomm units.

The final device with further software optimisation and hardware could see scores even higher, we shall have to see when the actual Samsung Galaxy S10 launches at the MWC 2019.

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