Samsung Galaxy S10 image leaked

As with any big smartphone release, leaks and rumours are abound long before we get a look at the actual phone. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the next big topic of discussion. There has been lots of speculation about the direction Samsung may go with their flagship this year. The latest buzz comes in the form of an image, with a Samsung Galaxy S10 photo leaked on Twitter.

Samsung Galaxy S10 image leaks

The photo has been revealed by Evan Blass, a smartphone leaker that has given us lots of images and specs each year. This latest image appears to be a real photo of the Samsung Galaxy S10, rather than a render.

A new screen design looks like it could become the new standard for Samsung devices. The Galaxy S10 photo shows a hole punch camera sensor. Rumours had previously hinted at a much slimmer top bezel so this is a new direction for Samsung.

A hole punch, or pinhole, camera sensor cutout on the screen looks like it will be the new way to go. Other devices and leaks have come to light from other manufacturers using this design.

A follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy S10 photo leak was a hint at a possible new wireless charging feature. The Galaxy S10 will apparently use reverse wireless charging, allowing you to recharge your other compatible devices from the phone.

This feature is not new in the smartphone world, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro launched last year with this feature. It would be a new thing for many markets where Huawei devices are not available.

Samsung Galaxy S10 launch date

We can expect to see a lot more speculation around the latest Samsung flagship with CES 2019 next week. The official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to follow previous releases with a date closer to the MWC 2019 in February.

Will you be buying a Samsung Galaxy S10? Do you like the new hole punch camera design? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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