Samsung Galaxy S Series Ships 100 Million Units


galaxy s series


We all know that Samsung has been enjoying fantastic success with their Galaxy S range of phones and now the popular Android toting series has reached a massive 100 million units shipped worldwide.


The first Galaxy S phone hit the shelves two and half years ago and this range has played its part in giving Android a huge share of the phone users out there as well as bringing Samsung some of the most popular phones to date.


The Samsung Galaxy SIII has been a huge part of this success with a massive 40 million units shipped in the first seven months and it shows no sign of stopping with 190,000 units shipped each day.

The next device in the Galaxy S lineup is being eagerly awaited by the mobile industry and mobile users alike and we hope to see the Galaxy S4 make its debut at the MWC 2013.


One thing is for sure, Samsung is on fire in the smartphone market and with such a buzz around their Galaxy S range it doesn’t look like their winning streak will end any time soon.

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