Samsung Galaxy S III Rumoured to Sport 7mm Thin Chassis

Creating super-thin smartphones seems to be high on the list of priorities of manufacturers this year, and Samsung are no exception with the Galaxy S III rumoured to be just 7mm thick. The highly anticipated S III might not have taken the “thinnest smartphone” crown (current surprise leader is Huawei with the Ascend P1.S) but Samsung are hoping this thin powerhouse will prove popular anyway.


The Galaxy family of handsets from Samsung has been expanding for months now and it looks like the trend will continue with the Galaxy S III branch of the tree. With varying specifications reported from 3D displays, to stylus operation the next step in the range will see as many as seven models in the series.


So for now the first release of the Samsung Galaxy S III can add a super-thin chassis to the other rumoured specs that include a quad-core processor, Android 4.0 and an 8-megpaixel camera.


The phone has been apparently in production since October but will not be making its debut at the MWC at the end of this month; however there are rumours of a Samsung special event that will take place at the end of March.


So will the Galaxy S III deliver everything you hoped for? What specs do you want to see on this latest release from Samsung?

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