Samsung Galaxy Note Review

Samsung is a global brand with multiple businesses in numerous industries. The flagship company, Samsung Electronics has recently produced a product that is as impressive as it is confusing. This is of course the Galaxy Note. This Samsung Galaxy Note review provides a description of the phones stand out features, comments on its usability and shows how it compares to some of the best in the market.


So what is it?


Some are confused as to exactly what category this device falls under. Is it a smart phone? Is it a tablet? Is it a smablet?


Apparently, Samsung is attempting to introduce a whole new type of device to the market, which conveniently establishes the fact that Galaxy Note is one of a kind. Some hate it, and some love it, mainly because it is not exactly meant for the masses.


The screen is a deciding point for most buyers when they take a look at the handset. It strikes immediately as either perfect for their requirements, or ridiculously bulky for their utility.


One of the main selling points of this Samsung mobile is appreciated most for is its large 5.3 inch screen size which is loved by many. However, it cannot avoid being compared to the Samsung Galaxy S II and iPhone 4S, which have 4.9 and 3.5 inch screens respectively.

Naturally, both smart phones have their own good and bad qualities but the fact of the matter is that some people find the smaller screens of the Galaxy S II and the iPhone a bit of a burden to deal with when compared to using a Galaxy Notes screen where the text looks so crisp, it is practically unreal.


The size of the screen makes it difficult to use as a practical device for conventional phone calls but there are ways around that such as headsets. For most people this isn’t really a product they use for conventional phone conversations.


The Galaxy Note may not be the best option for you if sleekness and pocket-friendly devices are your priority.


A number of people compared the Galaxy Note with Apple’s iPad as well. The iPad has a 9.7-inch screen and a weight of 601g compared to the Galaxy Note which is merely 5.3 inches with a weight of 178 grams. Also, Galaxy Note has significantly more RAM than iPad’s 512MB at a whopping 1024MB.


Galaxy Note runs on the impressive Android OS v2.3.5 known more commonly as “Gingerbread” with plans to upgrade it to v4.0 or “Ice Cream Sandwich”.  This works well with the interesting innovation of Samsung’s; TouchWiz 4.0 UI skin, which is quite enjoyable to use with the stylus or S Pen.
Samsung has pre loaded app shortcuts and widgets, which look much better compared to those seen on HTC Sense or MotoBlur. It also features software and applications which are made for the Galaxy Note and users of it such as the applications S Note and S Planner as well as a range of recognition software which makes it one of the smartest phones available.


Versatility of the S Pen
Another selling point that the Samsung Galaxy Note offers is the S Pen which is a very useful tool that ties into a lot of the software that is available on it. A number of people have also complained about the iPhone and Galaxy S II auto correcting every word while texting, which they find quite annoying. For such people, the Galaxy Note is an ideal solution because of the ability to switch from keyboard to the S Pen to write with.


The S Pen also allows Galaxy Note users to create wonderful images that would be otherwise impossible to do on a normal phone. This is a great asset to designers who don’t want to get both a phone and an iPad.


The camera on the Galaxy Note is an acceptable 8MP that is by no means more impressive than most other smart phones. It is however impressive because of the functions that are available to you which are of a professional level.


The size of the screen makes it possible to review your pictures and show them to your friends in vivid clarity. From there you can also use your S Pen to personalise your photos with scribbles or notes which you are generally unable to do using only your phone.




The verdict of this Samsung Galaxy Note review is that the device’s huge size is both its drawback and its biggest asset. Before purchasing the device just because it’s a new thing in the market, you really should figure out whether or not you have any use of such a large screen. If you could make peace with its size, it’s certainly one of the most powerful Android devices that have been made so far.



Mobilesplease rating: 4.5 out of 5





Product Overview
• Price: £594.00 (which includes VAT for 16GB version) as of 2012
• Pros: Beautiful display screen, TouchWiz user interface, thinness and camera
• Cons: Menu buttons too large for some people, weak speakers for such an enormous device
• Offers 2G as well as 3G network
• Weighs approximately 178 g
• Dimensions are 146.9 x 83 x 9.7 mm
• Offers a multi-touch input method
• Has an AMOLED capacitive 5.3 inches touchscreen. It has 16M colours with 800 x 1280 pixels
• Offers touch sensitive controls
• Has a gyroscope sensor
• Offers a RAM of 1GB and an internal memory of 16/32GB
• Has a microSD slot, up to 32GB
• Offers Wi-Fi support as well as Bluetooth
• Camera resolution is 8 MP, autofocus and LED flash
• Runs on Android operating system
• The central processing unit is dual-core 1.4GHz with Cortex-A9 processor
• Comes with an S Pen stylus
• Offers GPS support and stereo FM audio
• Has a digital compass
• Has a standard Samsung battery


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