Samsung Galaxy Note III to Go Extra Large?



With Samsung enjoying world domination with their Galaxy S3 the rumour mill is rife with what the Korean manufacturer is going to do next.


The latest rumour is concerning the Galaxy Note III and it would appear that bigger is better as it is expected the next generation Note will close the gap even further with tablet PC’s by sporting a whopping 6.3-inch touchscreen display.


The Galaxy Note has proven popular with users, even after initially being received with some skepticism as it was a little big for a smartphone and a bit small for a tablet which caused it to be dubbed a phablet.


The Samsung Galaxy Note II is still selling in big numbers and bringing in good revenue for Samsung so it is only natural they want to continue to capitalise on it. But is a 6.3-inch screen a stretch too far? Tablet PC’s start off with 7-inch screens so can this phone really be accepted as a phone?


Well it seems that Samsung will be showing us the goods on the next Note at the MWC in February so we will reserve judgment until we can get our hands on it.


Before this is revealed it’s expected that the CES Event will be the launch pad for Samsung’s unbreakable screen, which is expected to be debuted on the Samsung Galaxy SIV so there is much to look forward to from Samsung in the New Year.


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