Samsung Galaxy Note II hits 5 million units sold in just two months



Samsung continue to on their super sales streak with a whopping 5 million units of the Galaxy Note II sold since launch. The phone manufacturer announced that the Note II had reached 3 million sales in early November and now in just two months that figure has risen to 5 million.




The huge success of the Android phone is another feather in the cap of the manufacturer as they have enjoyed huge success over the last few years with their Galaxy range. The Samsung Galaxy S3 continues to be very popular with sales hitting 30 million since May so it looks like there is no stopping the Samsung dominance of the smartphone market.


One of the reasons Samsung has been able to achieve such big sales numbers in such a short time has been the availability of the phone in 128 countries. When the first Note was released and dubbed a “phablet” phone/smartphone tablet hybrid, it was met with some skepticism as to whether it would really be accepted by mobile users.






Well it seems bigger is better when it comes to smartphones as the 5 million sales figure proves, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see other manufacturers trying to cash in on Samsung’s success.


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