Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rumours and Release Date


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been the subject of a lot of rumours and supposed leaks of information and as this is one of the most highly anticipated phones we thought we would take you through the top ones. In our look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumours we take a look at what is likely to be featured on the phone and when we can expect it to hit the UK.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design


galaxy note 5 design


The overall look of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is not expected to stray too far from the looks of previous models but the display has been speculated to be one of the first smartphones to have a 4k AMOLED display. 4k has been talked about a lot with cameras on the latest phones able to capture 4k, however the pixel density of a 4k display would be lost on such a small screen so it remains to be seen whether Samsung goes this route with the Galaxy Note 5.

Galaxy Note 5 Specifications


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is bound to take a few steps forward when it comes to comparing it to the Note 4 so we should be expecting to see a powerful setup with impressive features. An octa-core processor is a safe bet as this is becoming the norm in a flagship phone and there are rumours abound that it will be packing 4GB RAM.


galaxy note 5 features


The Android version on board is likely to be Lollipop but Samsung may surprise us and launch with the Android M OS on board from the outset rather than offer the upgrade later.


The camera has been rumoured to be either an 18-megapixel or 21-megapixel so we shall have to wait for the official unveil to see which lens makes it onto the final model.


The phone is expected to include a 5-megapixel front facing camera and be constructed with an aluminium chassis. For music lovers the rumour of front facing speakers for better sound quality will be a welcome addition if it pans out.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date


The usual time line for Samsung launching their products sees a major release around September in time to get the phones out for the Christmas rush. Some news sites and industry experts have stated the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could be released as early as July, but as an Executive at Samsung revealed that Samsung Pay would be delayed until September to be released with their next high-end phone we can surmise it will be the Note 5.


IFA Berlin could be a likely contender for the platform for Samsung to give us their latest Note device so we can expect many more leaks and rumours to head our way until then.



Do you use a Galaxy Note device? Will you upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 when it is released? Tell us your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and what you would like to see on board by commenting below.

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