Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Release date, specifications and news


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 design

The Samsung Galaxy Note series has seen the phablet become a mainstream term and a trend showing that smartphones are no longer expected to be tiny and compact. Sales of the Note series prove that users are embracing the bigger and better technology of the smartphone and as a Note user myself there is no way I could go back to a “compact” phone.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was released last year and as the Galaxy S5 has already been out for a while the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should be imminent. There has been some speculation as to where Samsung will go next with their Note 4 so here we take a look at the rumours to give you an idea of what to expect.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date


The previous Note models have been launched at the IFA show in Berlin in September before and rumours are already rife that Samsung will continue this trend at IFA 2014. The date being bandied about is September 3rd at the show so if you are eagerly awaiting this phone then mark your calendars!


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specifications


The first point up for debate is the screen size and as this has increased with each new Note version there has been speculation the latest Note smartphone will sport a whopping 5.9-inch display. Rumours on other sites have also stated that bench marks have been leaked showing that the phone will have the same 5.7-inch display as seen on the Galaxy Note 3 although it may be a PLS LCD screen rather than the usual Super AMOLED Samsung usually goes for.


A patent filed by Samsung last year show a smartphone that looks remarkably like a Note with a display with curved off edges which would allow you to read notifications from the side of the phone.


Galaxy note 4 curved screen


The power under the hood of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could see a 64 bit chip on board as well as a rumoured two version release of the handset one of which could be packing an octa-core processor.


The camera could also be set for an upgrade with a possible 20-megapixel lens although a 16MP camera is also just as likely and it is set to come with Optical Image Stabilisation too.


The S Pen seemed a contraversial move at first when the Galaxy Note came out but with improved functionality the S Pen has been embraced by Note users with fervour. The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is set to have an improved S Pen with the latest innovations being kept under wraps, but a patent filed showing the handwriting function translating your writing into launching applications shows it could become a whole lot more useful.


Galaxy note 4 handwriting


As with any rumours we can only wait and see if Samsung do include many of these new improved features on the latest Galaxy Note 4, but I for one hope they opt for a slightly better material for the chassis. Rival manufacturers have put a lot of emphasis on the build quality of their smartphones opting for beautifully crafted aluminium and metal whereas Samsung seems to fall short opting for plastics so I hope this changes on the Note 4.


What would you like to see on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Do you like the phablet range of smartphones on offer or are they too big? Let us know what you think by commenting below or join us on Google+ to share your thoughts.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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