Samsung Galaxy J1 coming to the UK

The Samsung Galaxy J1 is coming to the UK and sits at a price level that will attract the bottom end of the budget market. The Korean manufacturer, who were the leading 2015 Q1 supplier of mobile phones in the world, offers up its Galaxy J range of phones for those who don’t want the outlay that is associated with Galaxy S range of phones.


Galaxy J1 design


The Samsung Galaxy J1 has a compact design that will appeal to some and this pocket friendly phone looks the part with smooth surfaces and curvaceous edges. This budget smartphone is available in three colour options; blue, white and black, all of which would not look out of place in the hands of either the younger and elder generations.


Sasmsung Galaxy J1 blue


The body is fairly slim at 8.9mm and its overall size keeps the weight way down at only 122 grams. On the front face there is a physical home key that is horizontally sided by virtual back and option keys. The reverse has an attractive minimalist design with only the camera lens, flash and a duo of speaker chamber slots breaking up the otherwise featureless surface.


Galaxy J1 tech


Samsung has removed just about every trace of tech that someone might want to own in its mission to create a really cheap phone. This may seem like a harsh statement but other manufacturers simply don’t make smartphones with dual-core processors any more and neither do they offer a screen (4.3”) resolution of only 480 x 800 pixels.


The 500MB of RAM will barely support multitasking or fast internet browsing, which is supplied over Wi-Fi or 3G. The internal memory of 4GB is extremely small for a smartphone and leaves very little for the user to store photos on or download new apps to. It isn’t all bad news though as a microSD card slot has found its way into the build, offering memory expansion by up to another 128GB.


There is also more good news on the operating system. Although supplied with Android KitKat, the OS can be upgraded to Android Lollipop, giving budgets buyers access to the latest experience at no extra cost.


Google’s operating systems bring a whole host of functionality to smartphones. The services include Google Voice Search, Gmail, Google Maps with Street View and access to a mix of free and paid for Android apps, music, books and other content via the Google Play store.


Galaxy J1 camera


The camera set up on the Samsung Galaxy J1 isn’t going to disappoint those looking for a good deal on a budget smartphone. The 5MP main camera is paired with a flash for low light photography and can record video at a quality of 720p.


The 2MP selfie camera is by no means the best that we have seen on a budget smartphone. It does however have a reasonable amount of appeal, which is added through features such as Palm Selfie where a simple gesture can activate the shutter.


Palm Selfie


If owners get carried away with photography and hear those dreaded beeps indicating a low battery, then Samsung’s Ultra Power Saving mode can be activated. This will endeavour to give the longest amount of standby possible by closing down unnecessary functions while still allowing calls and text messaging.


The final verdict is that the Samsung Galaxy J1 smartphone is a budget device that really isn’t all that bad, but it could have been much more!


Written by: Michael Brown

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