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The Samsung Galaxy Gear has been the subject of many a rumour of late and as we approach IFA Berlin 2013 and speculation is coming in thick and fast. Wearable technology has become a real buzz word lately and the idea that Samsung will be bringing a smartphone watch to market has set many industry news sites abuzz, so here we take a look at the rumour and what we might expect from a Samsung Smart Watch.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Specifications.


Initially it was expected that the Smart Watch from Samsung would have a full smartphone feature set and would be the device of choice if you didn’t want to take your smartphone with you.


The latest rumours suggest it will simply be a complimentary device to your smartphone, linking to it and allowing you to control it and see notifications on your wrist rather than making calls from the watch itself.


There is expected to be a 2.5-inch display which will show notifications and built-in speakers which can be used for listening to music or using the watch as you would a Bluetooth hands free during calls.


So far the details are pretty hazy but it is expected that the watch will be able to perform some tasks and will include a 2-megapixel camera.


The watch is expected to be released in a number of colours including black, white and orange as well as a white gold premium model to follow later.


Nothing official from Samsung yet so for more details we will just have to wait for IFA 2013, so watch this space as more gets revealed.


Do you like the idea of a Smart Watch? Would you use one if it was truly a smartphone or is this just another gimmick? Let us know what you think by commenting below.

Written by: Carmel Brown

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