Samsung Galaxy Fold relaunches with improved design

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was officially announced earlier this year but following some issues everything went quiet. The manufacturer has been working to fix those problems and now the Samsung Galaxy Fold officially launches, again.

Samsung Galaxy Fold



The previous launch of the Galaxy Fold was overshadowed by the faults that were subsequently discovered. These have now been fixed and the Samsung Galaxy Fold is back on the market. Samsung says the new and improved version has better construction and design.

The design has remained the same with the 7.3-inch display when open and the 4.6-inch Super AMOLED on the outside when folded. Samsung has fixed the issue with the hinge and protective layer so we won’t be seeing those signs of fatigue again.

The foldable part is now protected by a rubber seal to prevent dust and other stuff getting into the hinge mechanism. The protective layer on the phone now also stretches over the edges rather than sitting on them as with the previous launch. This will help to prevent the peeling of this layer that was reported by testers on the previous version.


The camera array on the Samsung Galaxy Fold has remained the same. There were no reported issues with these so you get a 10-megapixel selfie camera on the front of the folded phone. There are three lenses on the back the phone and you get a dual selfie lens when the phone is opened.


The processor is the same Snapdragon 855 and you will get 12GB RAM and 512GB memory. This latest Galaxy Fold release is now 5G-ready which has lead to a slightly smaller battery capacity of 4,235mAh. The smaller battery has been used due to the limited space after adding 5G. Samsung says there are two chambers in the battery and will provide decent usage times.

Samsung Galaxy Fold price



The Samsung Galaxy Fold is going on sale in South Korea first with other countries following on. France, Germany and the UK are on the next release schedule. The price for the Samsung Galaxy Fold is not certain although it is expected to be around £2000. At that hefty price, there are not many plans that will give it for free, but there should be plenty of deals to be had.

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