Samsung Galaxy Fold ready for launch

The new foldable smartphone from Samsung has already had a bit of a chequered past and we haven’t even seen it on the shelves yet. It now looks like the issues surrounding the phone have been resolved and the Samsung Galaxy Fold is now ready for launch.

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch


The Samsung Galaxy Fold was officially announced in February and was set to be available in April. Various issues with the phone meant that Samsung had to delay sending out their flagship folding smartphone. According to a Samsung Display executive, the problems have been solved and the phone is ready for release.


The Investor reported that Kim Seong-cheol, Samsung Display Vice President, has stated that “most of the display problems have been ironed out and the Galaxy Fold is ready to hit the market”. This news was heard during an industry conference that took place on June 18th. While it sounds promising you would hope that the company had sorted out all of the display problems, not most of them. A disastrous launch is not something that Samsung needs to go through again.

Reports on Samsung Galaxy Fold

While this does sound promising, there have been reports that seem to point to very different news on the Samsung Galaxy Fold. An official statement seems to suggest that the company has made slow progress and won’t be ready for June or July. It could mean that we won’t see the Galaxy Fold until after the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release which is in August.



As both of these statements come from the manufacturer itself and contradict each other, it makes it difficult to determine the true status of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Whenever it finally hits the market, the manufacturer has promised that the phone will gain lots of attention in the market. Samsung has had mixed attention when it comes to phones, so let’s hope the Samsung Galaxy Fold gives them the attention they want.

Are you interested in the Samsung Galaxy Fold? Would you buy a handset knowing the manufacturer had problems with it? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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