Samsung Galaxy Fold launch delayed due to screen faults

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was officially announced a while back and we were expecting the device to be available soon., but now it looks like there could be a problem. The Samsung Galaxy Fold launch has been delayed and there is no confirmation on a new date as yet.

Samsung Galaxy Fold faults



According to a number of tech industry experts, there have been some issues with the new folding smartphone from Samsung. Feedback on the device has caused Samsung to delay the launch while they look at tackling the problems.

As the world’s first foldable device from a mainstream manufacturer, the Samsung Galaxy Fold should have been a feather in the cap for the smartphone maker.


Reviewers have been given the Galaxy Fold phones to put through their paces and it seems there have been some issues with them. The main selling point of these phones is the foldable display and sadly it looks like that is where the problems lie.
One issue that has been reported relates to what was believed to be a screen protector that covered the inside display. Taking this supposed protective film off caused the screen to develop faults and for some users, it stopped working at all.


The inner screen developed a few other faults for different testers with one reporting a flickering in a corner and another stating that one side was more responsive than the other.
Samsung was quick to react to the issue and have now officially announced that they are delaying the launch of the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch date

The original launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Fold was going to be April 26th. Initially, there were rumours that only certain markets were going to be delayed but now it looks like a global delay.

There is no official word from Samsung on a new date, so if you are waiting to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Fold, things are still uncertain.

The glitches and faults that users have experienced may simply be a quick fix or we could be looking at a much longer delay as Samsung works the problem.

Are you waiting to buy a Samsung Galaxy Fold? Do you like the idea of a foldable smartphone? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

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