Samsung Galaxy Apollo – Low Cost Social Android Phone

Android handsets have been tumbling in price over the last few months, with many manufacturers delivering smart phone features at dumb phone prices. The Galaxy Apollo is Samsung’s latest offering to young social networkers and it promises to tie in all your social functions in to one easy to use hub.

The Galaxy Apollo features a neat phone book system that pulls contact information from Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and mySpace accounts (is anyone still using myspace?), you just enter the account details and it will synchronise all of the contacts and pictures etc.

The lock screen on the Apollo is a nice touch, it puts in coming messages in to a simple sliding puzzle, you just slot the pieces together with a finger stroke and the message is displayed as the screen is unlocked.

The 3mp camera and relatively low res video camera aren’t exactly dazzling, and there’s no flash, but for quick shots and short video clips for facebook and the like it’s more than adequate. Divx playback is a welcome feature although you’ll need to add a memory card if you want to store ┬ámore than a few films.

Ok, so none of the features are exactly groundbreaking, they’ve all been seen on other Samsung mobiles before, but at the price no one will complain. The Galaxy Apollo was initially an Orange exclusive in the UK, nut now it’s available on other networks too and there are some really well priced deals available ┬áhere – Galaxy Apollo Deals

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