Samsung Galaxy A5 Review


Samsung Galaxy A5 features


The Samsung Galaxy A5 is the higher spec smartphone of the two recently announced devices and here we take a closer look at the phone.



The Galaxy A5 is being toted as a phone for the trend conscious phone user with a number of colour variants available to suit your style.


Samsung Galaxy A5 & Galaxy A3


The crafted metal body does have a premium feel and measuring just 6.7mm thick with a weight of only 123 grams the dimensions are sleek too.


The 5-inch Super AMOLED is impressive to behold thanks to the Adaptive Display technology on board that delivers deeper contrast and wider viewing angles.


a3 blue


Under the hood the Samsung Galaxy A5 is equipped with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM so it may not hold up against the top smartphones for power but it handles multitasking adequately.


Samsung has bolstered the Android OS with a number of nifty extras to give this phone some more appeal.


Multi-screen gives you the ability to connect the smartphone to a Smart TV using it to control the channel hopping action. Intelligent audio management will adapt the audio settings on the smartphone depending on your surroundings too.


a5 multiscreen


Private Mode is a great feature for keeping your pictures or documents secure, while in this mode you can see the content you have added to the Private folder but once you disable it the content will disappear from the menu.


a5 private mode


Samsung Galaxy A5 Camera


Galaxy a5 wide selfie


The Samsung Galaxy A5 is packing a 13-megapixel camera so it sits among the mid-range smartphones available. The front facing camera is a 5-megapixel snapper with lots of added features to create a selfie. Palm Selfie, Animated GIF and Wide Selfie modes allow you to create lots of different self portraits and easy sharing lets you put your best pout onto Twitter or Facebook.


Galaxy a5 palm selfie


Face detection on the 13-megapixel camera will ensure your subjects features are in focus and the camera captures HD 1080p video at 30fps.


Overall the battery performance on this phone is good thanks to the 2,330mAh powerhouse on board. A full day of heavy usage is not likely to be possible without the need to charge the phone but the Ultra Power Saving Mode will manage what little juice is left until you can connect the charger.


The Samsung Galaxy A5 may not be the most powerful phone available but the enhanced styling, colour range and camera features make this a great choice if you love taking selfies or social networking through your mobile.


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Written by: Carmel Brown

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