Samsung Flexible AMOLED displays heading our way in 2013



Samsung gave us a taster of their prototype flexible screens last year in a video and there were hopes to bring the bendy displays to market this year, and even though this hasn’t happened it now looks like they could be ready next year.


We have seen a few manufacturers tease us with these flexible displays before but no one has been able to mass produce them to truly make them a reality on our devices, but now it appears Samsung has made progress and will be bringing them to us soon.


The money needed to develop these displays is a pretty steep amount but thanks to massive profits, partly due to the runaway success of the Galaxy S3, Samsung has ploughed their money into R&D and is making a flexible display a reality.


The displays will be made from plastic rather than glass and this will give them their flexibility and if seen on a smartphone this could be the next revolution in phone technology making handsets much more durable.


The timescale in which we can really expect to see these on smartphones is unknown, but if anyone can bring on the next big wave in smartphone technology it is Samsung as they are having an amazing run with their latest handsets.


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