Samsung F400 Opus

Coming from the collaboration between Samsung and Bang & Olufsen you will have high expectations of this handset.
It is joining in the competitive market of the music phones, following in the footsteps of the iphone and the Nokia 5610 Xpress. It is sure to succeed; it has the best the highest quality sound out of any phone we’ve seen…well heard.

Powered by Bang & Olufsen ICEPower great music features include the music recognition application which recognises any song simply by hearing it and huge external speakers so you can share your fantastic tunes. The speakers are revealed when the dual slide mechanism is released which is a first for Samsung but has been seen already on the Nokia N95 Phone. Plus the slide mechanism means you can choose whether you are using the handset as a phone or a music player.

The music hot wheel is actually like the function on most ipod which allows you to scroll through you music quickly, which is actually quite fun to use!The F 400 music player offers a choice of MP3, AAC and WMA music.

The Samsung F400 Opus Mobile although with a 3 mega pixel camera and video player is a music phone so it is great if you like blasting your tunes.  Other features include Quad Band GSM and GPRS support, a great web browser, picture editing software and a vast range of downloadable games. 400 music player offers a choice of MP3, AAC and WMA music.

It’s certainly not just about it brains it looks fantastic too, with a sleek shiny finish it is amazing how much is packed into this tiny phone.

This is a great handset if you’re looking for a music phone but it has some great basic functionalities which make it a pretty great handset too.

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