Samsung Expecting Record Profits

Samsung is expecting to report record profits over the last three months which, in part, is thanks to the runaway success of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and other smartphones from the mnaufacturer.


The  numbers are expected to be almost double the profits made at the same time last year by coming in at 8.1 trillion won (£4.5bn).


The huge jump in profits has been attributed to the smartphone sector of the company as other departments have not experienced any noticeable growth.


The Samsung Galaxy SIII has been a huge success for the company with many users switching to it and even with the iPhone 5 release it remains popular.


The ongoing court battles between Samsung and Apple over patent infringements roll on and some analysts believe these may impact on Samsung’s future figures. However the battle is like a tennis match with each side winning some and losing some so whoever comes out with an overall win is it going to be worth all the legal fees and time spent fighting?


Even with these in court skirmishes Samsung is riding the storm well with these latest expected profit figures, so Apple has not done too much damage yet.


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