Samsung C3050 review

Smartphones could be said to have replaced dogs as man’s best friend. On the train you’re lucky to get past the door without having seen someone playing a game, social networking or texting. But what about those who don’t want to be using this technology that everyone loves? Well this review, of the Samsung c3050, will reintroduce you to one of those simpler phones that weren’t “smart” but did the job.


The Samsung C3050 was first launched in June 2009 and is still selling well as a compact and basic handset. While it might not have the touchscreen or range of applications as a modern smartphone has, it’s a solid and surprisingly feature-rich phone.


The handset of the c3050 is a classic slider and comes in either jet black or a light pink. Putting the battery and SIM in the back is extremely easy (something that isn’t necessarily true in some smartphones). The handset has a relatively small 2 inch screen measuring 120×160 pixels, with the main control buttons as well as a sliding function to reveal the keypad underneath.


Sliding it open also reveals its camera which is as basic as it gets at 0.3 megapixels VGA. Comparing this to the recently announced Nokia 808 with 41 megapixels, it is kind of like comparing a match to the sun: there is no competition. However what this handset does have over the Nokia is that you won’t be worried of dropping or losing it because it isn’t fragile and with prices like 83p a month for a free handset, who would be worried!



The interface comes with all the basics as well as music, fm radio and a WAP web browser. The web browser allows you to keep up to date with your email and if you really need to get onto your social networking sites. You will also find that it comes with a small selection of classic games such as Tetris to keep you entertained.


Samsung C3050 mobile phone review


Before you compare it to the iPhone 4S remember it is a three year old phone made to be affordable and functional. What elevates this from being a basic handset is that it’s quad band. This means that it uses GSM technology and can be used in any country anywhere in the world. Many basic phones are dual or tri band, which limits their use abroad as they are only made to work on two radio frequencies.


So if you are looking for a budget phone, holiday phone or just a first phone for your child then this would be a good one to remember.


Mobilesplease rating: 3 out of 5 stars




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