Samsung Boosts Galaxy S7 Production to combat Note 7 cancellation

Samsung is facing even tougher times since releasing the Note 7 models again only to have history repeat itself with units catching fire. In a bid to recoup some revenue and minimise a fall in revenues Samsung has increased production of the Galaxy S7 to combat the cancellation of the Note 7.


Galaxy Note 7 cancelled


note 7 design


Due to the ongoing issues with the Galaxy Note 7 Samsung has made the decision to cancel further production. This comes after two failed launches with units from both runs catching fire. Users were told to return their Note 7 models to the manufacturer to avoid the dangers and now Samsung has stopped producing the device altogether.


Boost to Galaxy S7 production


s7 and s7 edge


The production for the company’s phablet may have ceased but in a bid to capture some of the losses Samsung has now boosted the Samsung Galaxy S7 production.


Samsung is hoping that those who faced the disappointment of not getting their hands on (or having to return) a Galaxy Note 7 will now opt for the flagship Galaxy S7.


Producers of parts for the S7 have been asked to increase output in a bid to push out more models which should minimise the impact of the Note 7 cancellation on those suppliers.


galaxy s7 always on display


Samsung Galaxy S8 launch

There has been a lot of speculation that the Galaxy S8 launch will be pushed forward to compensate for the cancellation of one of their top devices, however Samsung is remaining close-lipped about it for now. The usual product launch would see an announcement in February with models released in March,so watch this space to see if Samsung bring it forward.

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