Samsung Announces 4G Galaxy Note 10.1



Samsung gave a low key performance at their press conference at the CES 2013 opting to keep all the big announcements for the mobile-centric event the MWC in February.

So what did we see from the tech giant? Samsung used the event mainly to promote their range of Smart TV’s and Fridges but they also announced a 4G version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 will be heading our way.


galaxy note 10.1


A new app was also featured called Smart Camera which will turn a Galaxy smartphone into a remote control for the Galaxy Camera. The app can be used with the Galaxy S3 to send photos taken on the Galaxy Camera straight to the phone or you can line the camera up for a group shot and use your S3 as the remote for the camera once you are all in position.


Samsung also used the opportunity to remind us that the Galaxy S3 is the bestselling smartphone in the world with an impressive 30 million unit sales. Impressive numbers indeed and we all eagerly await the arrival of the Galaxy SIV to see if the Korean manufacturer can continue their market domination.


The 4G version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 is going to the US network Verizon first so we should see a UK 4G version heading our way shortly.


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