Samsung’s Wave 3, Wave M, and Wave Y Trio

Just as Nokia announced their up-coming news of three new Symbian smartphones, the 600, 700 and 701, so has Samsung responded back with its Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y. All three Waves are powered by Samsung’s new Bada 2.0 OS, which adds multi-tasking, voice recognition, support for NFC and Wi-Fi Direct and a handful of other features and supports to the platform. It is also known to be very user-friendly.

Out of the pack, the Wave 3 is the most featured phone. It runs on a fast 1.4GHz CPU and comes with a 4-inch screen with WVGA resolution showing off Samsung’s latest Touchwiz Interface. With super fast network connectivity on board (HSDPA) alongside GPRS and EDGE, you can be assured of the best browsing experience possible. A 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash is included as well for high quality pictures and HD video recording at 720p. The camera in front of the phone can be used for video conferencing.

The Wave 3 comes with 3 GB of internal storage and a micro SD card slot (max 32 GB), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a USB connection to connect the smartphone to a computer. It is also equipped with accelerometer, proximity, and light sensors. With all of these features and only weighing about 122 grams the Wave 3 will be a superb buy!

On the other hand, the Samsung Wave M is the mid-range of the three phones. This handset is powered by an 832 MHz CPU and features a smaller 3.65-inch TFT LCD screen with HVGA resolution. It also includes the social networking hub and a 5-megapixel camera is offered, but no HD video like the Wave 3. It also supports a micro SD card of up to 32 GB and has an internal storage of 150 MB. A full connectivity package like the Wave 3 can be found on this device with a HSDPA 3G link included.

The Samsung Wave Y is the entry point handset in this trio. It features the same processor as the Wave M but has a smaller 3.2-inch TFT LCD screen. It has a 2-megapixel fixed focus camera capable of recording video too. Again it comes with 150 MB of internal memory alongside a micro SD card slot which supports up to 32 GB. A full range of connectivity is available with this handset too.

There’s no official word yet on pricing or availability but this should be available soon.

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