Rugby World Cup Predictor App by Apps Plus

Apps Plus have created a new Rugby World Cup Predictor App for the Wooden Spoon children’s charity of rugby.


This year the RWC2015 sporting event comes to British shores with rugby games played across thirteen sporting venues in England and Cardiff. The RWC2015 broadcasting host, ITV, will be broadcasting all games live with footage provided to a total of forty-three free-to-air broadcasters.


The next seven weeks of Rugby World Cup, 18th September to 31st October, can be enjoyed with a new layer of entertainment for armchair spectators. The Rugby World Cup Predictor App gets you, your family and friends involved, in a competitive way that will show off who has the ultimate knowledge of game winning rugby.


How the Rugby World Cup Predictor App by Apps Plus works


If you really think you know rugby best, then it is time to put that knowledge to the test with the Rugby World Cup Predictor App. You can set up your own mini-leagues and invite your rugby watching friends and family to join.


Ranking in the mini-leagues is points-based and is achieved through accurately predicting a variety of scoring indices linked to the international rugby games scheduled for England and Wales, throughout September and October.


RWC2015 Predictor App


In addition to scoring points for ranking in your own self-created leagues, there is a World League, where you can really test your score predicting knowledge. The app covers every game played in the groups, quarters, semis and final or the Rugby World Cup.


The points-based system works as follows:


The winning team; predict who will win each match in the tournament

Tries scored; predict how many tries will be scored by each team during a match

The final score; earn additional points based on how closely you can predict the final score


How to download the Rugby World Cup Predictor App


The app has been created for the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Apple iPod Touch, which must be running on iOS 7.0 or later. The app can be download from iTunes at a cost of just 79 pence and the small file size of 11.6MB, makes it accessible to Apple devices with low memory.


Download Rugby World Cup Predictor App by Apps Plus


About Wooden Spoon


Founded in 1983, Wooden Spoon is a children’s charity that issues grants to specialist schools, community projects and other charity groups. Over the past 30 years Wooden Spoon have distributed, to over 650 projects, more that £22 million.


Over one million children with life-limiting medical conditions have benefited from respite care. The charity also provides funding to support disabled and disadvantaged children living in areas of severe social deprivation.


About Apps Plus


Apps Plus designs and builds bespoke apps for web-based and mobile devices. The Apps Plus team is based in the Midlands region of UK.


Written by: Michael Brown

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