RIM Cut 2000 Jobs

Beleaguered Blackberry maker RIM has announced 2,000 job cuts, that’s a little over 10% of it’s work force of 19,000.

The cuts are expected to be shared amongst RIM’s worldwide offices, and to be fair it’s about time, RIM’s workforce has more than quadrupled over the last four years and their sales haven’t so something had to give.

The move seems to show that RIM have suddenly become aware of the walls closing in on them as they continue to lose market share to Apple and assorted Android manufacturers. Cutting out the dead wood was one of the things that was suggested in a scathing open letter to RIM’s board back in June, it will be interesting to see if any more of the anonymous writer’s suggestions are being taken on board.

Fingers crossed for RIM’s remaining staff that this is just the first stage of a massive corporate shake up, because one thing’s for sure; what RIM are doing now isn’t working. The company that¬†arguably¬†put the smart in smartphones has fallen behind the times, the Playbook has bombed and they haven’t done anything innovative with their phones in a long, long time.


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