Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is here and as you will find out when you read our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review, this Samsung phone is the most advanced and innovative yet. The price tag pushes the Galaxy Note 8 out of the reach of some, which arguably increases its desirability through an air of exclusivity.


So, if you are ready to set your eyes on our S Pen review and our Galaxy Note 8 camera review, then read on:


Galaxy Note 8 display


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 display is super large and measures 6.3-inches, diagonally. The Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display shows off 1440 x 2960 pixels on a 18.5:9 aspect ratio. This aspect ratio is effectively longer and slimmer and combined with the almost bezel-free sides and narrow top and bottom strips, this phone really is almost all screen.


The resolution of the screen directly effects battery performance, so the phone can run with WQHD+ resolution, when you want maximum effect, or in Full HD+, when battery life is more critical. Samsung has used its popular Edge Screen set up again, giving users quick access to important information.


Galaxy Note 8 display


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also has an AOD (Always On Display) and this can be used to show basic information, like the time, date or notifications, or more detailed information offered through AOD widgets.


S Pen


Our S Pen review finds an even more responsive experience, delivered through the S Pen being able to sense 4,096 different levels of pressure. For writing and drawing, this means that you can, for example, use thicker or thinner pen / brush strokes by adjusting the pressure applied.


S Pen review


The S Pen has many uses and it is rather handy to be able to write a Screen-off Memo, which does just what its name suggests. When you write a memo, you can pin it to the AOD and this is useful for meetings or just generally for reminding you to do something. It is basically a time saver that stops you having to open up an app to find the latest note that you made.


For a bit fun and creativity, you can write notes or messages over photos and then share them as a GIF image. You can draw your own emoji if you wish or cut out sections of a video, for sharing with the S Pen Smart Select feature.


Need an eraser? Just click the S Pen’s button and hey presto, you can remove anything that you have just doodled.


Galaxy Note 8 camera


The Galaxy Note 8 camera is a 12MP dual camera and this effectively gives you a 2x optical zoom, backed up by a 10x digital zoom. The two lenses can be used with Live Focus to create background blurred bokeh effects. The best bit about this is that you can change the amount of blur both prior to and after the shot has been taken.


Galaxy Note 8 camera review


Being a top of the line camera phone, you can record 4K video and although these files are usually large, there is a 64GB memory for storing them on. There is also a microSD memory card slot, that accepts cards of up to 256GB.
The secondary 8MP selfie camera / video calling camera has Smart Auto Focus. Smart Auto Focus actually tracks faces that are in the shot, in order to keep them perfectly in focus.


Galaxy Note 8 performance


The Galaxy Note 8 performance is top notch and is delivered through a 2.3GHz 10nm octa-core processor with 6GB of RAM. Everything from graphics rich gaming to internet browsing, takes place almost instantly and without delay.


Galaxy Note 8 performance


This Samsung phone supports Multi Window multitasking and goes one step further with App Pairing. App Pairing is a convenience tool that lets you set two apps to open together, when just one is selected. This means that if you always have Facebook open while you are watching a YouTube video, then selecting either app will automatically open up the other.


Probably more useful to the business user, Samsung DeX is supported and this allows you to connect the phone to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, for creating a desktop like experience.


The Bixby digital assist performs well and can use the camera to find information for you, on landmarks and places to eat, or in order to complete foreign language translations. Bixby can also share photos for you or conduct photo editing.


In the box, there is a pair of AKG tuned earphones. These have Pure Sound by AKG and the earphones incorporate a 11Φ woofer and a 8Φ tweeter.


The 3,300mAh battery has a good capacity and supports wireless charging, although you will have to fork out for a wireless charger if you want to make use of this. The battery gives up to 22 hours of talk time or up to 14 hours of web browsing or up to 74 hours of music playback.


Galaxy Note 8 design


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 design is shown off in one of four colours; Orchid Grey, Maple Gold, Midnight Black or Deepsea Blue. This smartphone is IP68 certified, so it is protected against dust and water.


The design includes a fingerprint sensor and this sits next to the camera lens on the back face. The main reason for this is because the front face has almost no screen surround and hence, no place for a physical home key.


Unseen, there is also an iris scanner built in along with facial recognition technology, giving owners the biometric security option of their choice. Whichever method is used, can also be used to lock the Secure Folder, where private documents and photos can be stored.


It is clear that Samsung has created a great device here, so is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for you?




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